Jesse Stuart, ‘Summer Has Faded’

Summer has faded from all living eyes.
It is a written book we have read
With sentences of green beneath blue skies.
Each word is now a leaf of dying red.
We stand to watch birds gather for the south,
We watch them rise in this bright autumn weather;
And with joy in the heart, song in the mouth,
They are off through boundless skies together.
Above the thistle furze that floats on the wind,
Above the leaves of scarlet–red and gold,
Above treetops the autumn winds have thinned
They rise to sing before their autumn blood grows cold.
We stand below to listen and to look
And wait the season of another book.

This is not a book–review blog. (It’s been a common confusion since the first blog.) I’ll write often about books, and review them, but it’s more about whatever interests me. I blog sporadically (that may be a soft way of putting it), and tend to favor very–long or very–short posts.

This is not the original version of the blog; you can find its ‘prehistory’ here.


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