the cult of antinomies

“As a phenomenon, the cult of antimonies in modern philosophy has nothing surprising about it. Kant collides with them; Hegel lives by them and thinks that the effort to surmount them is what constitutes philosophy. The whole task of medieval philosophy, on the contrary, was to avoid them. For Saint Thomas and Duns Scotus, the fact that they are harmonized in reality proves that they are not insurmountable, and that in committing oneself to representing reality as it is, one ought not to come across them. For it is we who introduce them by our mathematicism. If there is a single initial error at the root of all the difficulties philosophy is involved in, it can only be the one Descartes committed when he decreed, a priori, that the method of one of the sciences of reality was valid for the whole of reality.”

—Étienne Gilson, Methodical Realism


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